Levingston Group, LLC Cost Estimating

Cost Estimates

Front-End Project Development

Levingston's engineers work with our clients' Process Engineering, Automation, Technical, Operations, Environmental, Safety, Construction, Inspection, and Purchasing Departments to:

Define Projects
Provide economic justifications
Prepare Project Authorization documentation
Provide procurement, final engineering and design
Provide construction support

Levingston executes project work activities by coordinating Levingston work procedures with client project procedures and standards. Front-end project development generally includes:

Performing project studies
Preparing study reports with order-of-magnitude grade estimates
Developing the project design basis (10% AFE grade estimate)
Delivering the project execution plan


Levingston can develop order of magnitude grade estimates up to and including definitive grade; +/- 10% construction costs estimates. All estimates can be indexed to reflect field productivity factors for new construction, maintenance projects, outages, and/or turnarounds.

Levingston utilizes the ASPEN In-Plant Cost Estimator software system to develop all cost estimates. The ASPEN system has the capability of generating a preliminary construction schedule with the project costs estimate. The system is supplemented with cost data from Richardson, equipment manufacturers, vendors, and contractors.